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payday advances

Cash Advance North Dakota Preferred Payday Loans

Personal, friendly & hassle-free!” CASH WHEN YOU NEED IT”, Direct Check has quick cash loans to help get you by until your next payday. A Direct Check cash advance payday loan provides a small, unsecured, short-term cash advance until your next payday. Direct Check customers choose a cash advance payday loan to cover small expenses and avoid costly bounced-check fees or late payment penalties and other less desirable short-term credit options. Need money now? At Direct Check you can come in and with no credit check, walk out with the cash you need, quickly, easily, and confidentially.

Quick Cash Loans

Quick cash loans are easy. A Direct Check payday loan cash advance was designed for you to be able to access “CASH WHEN YOU NEED IT”. When you need us most, we will be there. A Direct Check customer desiring a cash advance payday loan with an active checking account and regular income simply:

  • Reads and signs an agreement that discloses transaction terms
  • Writes a personal check for the advance amount plus fee
  • Immediately receives the advance in the value of the check minus the fee

North Dakota

To review the qualifications & requirements and to download an application click the button below.

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